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Akinobu Nakamoto

Hi, I am staff of this store!!
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Item Description

New! Crews Maniac Sound OSL 56-L GT-Gold Top-Electric guitar/Made in Japan

Our Selling Price: US$1,932.00
[Low stock]
Condition: New
This Guitar is a Very Rare!
Don't miss it !!

Neck: Rosewood on mahoagny neck,
'59 shape neck grip.
Body: Plane maple top,
Weight controlled mahogany back.

Machine Head: Gotoh® SD-90/SL
Pick Up: Saytone Vanquish
Control: 2Volume, 2Tone, Toggle switch.
Top laquer "CLOUDY" finish.

※Images are the sample.
※ All Guitars of Crews items can be offered from us.
※ Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Do not worry! I can find for you if the item you are looking for is not on my online shop.
Bass, guitar, effector, instrument, drum, new or used Japanese market.
Please feel free to give me email about the brand name & item number.

【Our customer's review.】
I've been playing Bass Guitar professionally for many years,
and I've been fortunate enough to own and play some very fine instruments.
Recently, I became interested in buying a bass made by ATELIER Z Guitarworks; their model JHJ-189.
This is a very unique and powerful bass, combining J-J and MM pickups with an East preamp.

I would not have been able to purchase this great instrument without the services of Akiy, of Bass-Japan.

Akiy has a number of fine Japanese-built instruments available for purchase overseas.
His prices are quite reasonable- The shop ships via EMS-
I received my order in less than 5 days from date of purchase!

It arrived in excellent condition, set-up professionally and ready to play!
I've already placed my next order-This time for a KILLER Criminal bass,
an exceptional instrument that is almost impossible to find,even in Japan,
let alone here in Los Angeles, California!

No worries!
Akiy made it happen and I expect to be playing this extraordinary bass soon!

I would recommend Bass-Japan to anyone who has the desire for a unique,
high-quality guitar that otherwise would not be available outside of Japan.

Larry Neal Jenkins
Los Angeles, CA
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