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He uses 5 strings bass of G&L. It was not at studio and maybe at his home for this recording but it feels good

by cored low tone as G & L bass. And this incredible speed of finger picking ! He takes 3 finger pickings,

index finger, middle finger & ring finger. Reminds me of Billy Sheehan.

The song is from Japanese popular animation,

K-ON. This video is her drum play when she was 13 yrs old.
Just amazing that she shows keeping rhythm perfectly & unbelievable technique at this age.

This performance can’t be done if she has not practiced so hard.
By the way, how could the flog sing with the song??

Terrific bassist & drummer create the best groove.
It’s worth to see spectacular drum-solo that almost overwhelm two bassists.

He(or She?) arranges lots of cartoon theme songs on

Japanese TV by his bass. His costume & girly looking…
anyway his technique is incredible!

His rhythm, groove & sound- It’s quite high level !

Here is gig of 2 Japanese bassists!

The guy on right wears a mask of Japanese famous cartoon, Doraemon.
He looks silly but plays the bass good !
Slap is accurate and he takes rhythm terrific.


Gacharic Spin is a Japanese indies band that was formed in 2009 after the bassist F Chopper Koga left her old band,

THE PINK☆PANDA. Their first maxi-single Lock On!! was released in March 2010.

The members are

TOMO-ZO (Guitar) formerly of EU・PHORIA

F Chopper KOGA (Bass) formerly of THE PINK☆PANDA

Hana (Drums, backgorund vocals) formerly of アルメリア

Oreo Reona (Keyboards, background vocals) formerly of EU・PHORIA




Accurate and powerful drum of MOTOKATSU, the baseline is too boned smooth and TOKIE! !

The much there are no more of HISASHI there Sound of the strongest complete dry Ving guitar fused! !

The Despite the gentle sweet singing voice to make listens EXILE further, TAKAHIRO has, manly rock vocal shouts barking! !


In 1993, it crosses to solo New York and will form the multinational noise system band "sulfas."
It will work for about two years and will go back in 1996.

RIZE will be formed in 1997 (it will secede in 01).

The major-label debut of the band will be made from an EPIC record in 2000, and it will take a break at a stretch.
It participates in UA and AJICO of Ken-ichi Asai and others (JUDE, SHERBETS) with Kyoichi Shiino in the same year.
The sound imaginative [ acute ] which places the overflowing Locke impulse in the center has received popularity from the direction of many.



''Superfly & the Lemon Bats''

Vo. Shiho Ochi(Superfly)

-The Lemon Bats-


Gt. Yosshiyuki Yahashi(Superfly Band)

key. Koichi Tsutaya


Dr. Tatsuya Nakamura(Blanky Jet City)





The members of this band is the strongest in Japan!

Bass Player is Mr.Hidekazu Hinata.

His performance is very powerful in high skill.




What a powerful Rock sound!

Her voice is an amazing singing voice.

This is AWESOME.

The bass player is TOKIE Japanese women.

So Cool!


This is a picture that Superfly is covered Janice Joplin!

The song is "Piece of my heart".

I like very much this cover song.

Band sound and her singing voice is so cool!

Bass has been very solid this song



Superfly- Free Planet

Brilliant singer!!!

This is amazing a fantastic guitar and bass.

Cool, everything is cool!




"Superfly" is a Japanese female singer. 

"Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo" Rick Derringer.

She is a Japanese Rock singer.

When I heard her singing voice for the first time, I was shocked.

It is really powerful voice!

Bass player is Mr.Hidekazu Hinata.


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